AKA Literary Management represents first-time authors as well as New York Times best sellers. We recieve thousands of manuscripts each year. Your assistance in adhering to our submissions guidelines will allow us to properly recieve, evaluate, and respond to your manuscripts, marketing plans, and proposals. We are in search of “unforgettable” works! Send us your best!

AKA Literary Management does not accept paper manuscripts. Any paper manuscripts received will be destroyed for your protection.

Queries are recieved through our submissions system. We use Submittable because of their dillegence in securing and protecting our client’s, and potential clients’ files through the world-wide-wonder called the internet. We are serious about security and the integrity of your communcation and files.

Specific instructions are given in our portal. Please follow the guidelines for your genre. Manuscripts entered in the incorrect category will be rejected, once rejected, we ask that you submit in the correct genre.

Please review submission guidelines based upon your project. Following directions increases the chance for review.