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October 27, 2022

No Questions Asked / The Defense Does Not Rest

Fiction: Mystery/Crime
Classic noir mystery Oscar-nominated author Edna Sherry’s NO QUESTIONS ASKED, part procedural, part cat-and-mouse thriller, and THE DEFENSE DOES NOT REST, in which Criminal Law is put to the test, to Greg Shepard at Stark House, for publication in the fall of 2022, by Terrie Wolf at AKA Literary (US).


Steve Lake is the homicide captain, but that doesn’t mean Lieutenant Rand has to like it. That job should have been his. Then there is another murder to solve, and it looks like the victim could be a spy, selling out his country’s secrets. It’s up to Steve’s team to find out who killed the traitor. That same day Steve stumbles on a situation that seems to suggest that his wife is having an affair. She lies about where she was all day. She’s a lot younger than he is, and he just knows that she’s seeing someone. So he starts to follow her. And Rand, looking to find the chink in the armor of his stalwart captain, starts to follow Steve. How could either of them know that the two trails would eventually meet?


When his best friend, Max Gray, is accused of murder, Stephen Hargrave knows that his father will be the lawyer who represents him. He also knows that even though Max isn’t capable of murder, the evidence is stacked against him. So, dispensing with his own scruples, he pushes for the whole story from Max—the story of his rescue in Korea by the charming and brilliant Larry Bellair; his marriage to the cold, calculating Carol; his new-found love with Larry’s sister Avery. It doesn’t look good for Max. He had every reason in the world to commit murder. He is the first to admit it. But somewhere in his story there must be a clue to the real killer. No one else had a motive, so who could it be?

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