You have questions; we have answers!

What types of books do you represent?

The publishing industry is very fluid. That said, you can find our list posted on the AAR Website.

What do you do?

We seek authors to represent for sale at publishing houses. We assist authors in perfecting book proposals and guide them in social media platform development. We intend to build writing careers and career authors for many years to come.

Do you work with new authors?

Of course! Many of our clients are first-time authors. We are always looking for fresh ideas and new voices in publishing!

I am a fiction writer. What are you looking for?

We are seeking fresh stories with developed, and engaging voices. The characters invite us to ask for more and a strong story.

I am a non-fiction writer. What do you look for?

Credibility is key! What are the credentials that make you an expert in the subject? Your query and proposal should accurately demonstrate your credentials. What is your media exposure and platform? What plans do you have in place to promote your work?